Architectural Design Review Assistance


Architectural Design Review Assistance

Effective architectural design review is central to maintaining a community’s vision and value. Successfully managing the process requires careful attention to detail and a proven system. IPM has experienced proven success in every aspect of architectural review administration. Our knowledge and experience will ensure your association’s guidelines are followed to achieve consistent and positive outcomes.

  • Application Submission and Approval
  • Coordination with Design Review and Architectural Committees
  • Design Review / Virtual Meeting Administration
  • Project Management / Progress Inspection / Enforcement
  • Homeowner Communications
  • Document Management

IPM employs a comprehensive web-based software solution that streamlines communication and project management. This robust software also improves customer satisfaction, boosts operational efficiency, and reduces direct operating costs. Information is accessed and exchanged 24/7 in real-time between all members of the team, including property owners and design review professionals, through document and project management tools.

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